014 – Ohne Helden läuft da nichts – Gott ist ein Kreativer!

Hammer Folge, mega inspirativ. Heute mit Frank Dopheide CEO von https://humanunlimited.de/ (ehemals GREY Worldwide, Handelsblatt Media Group) über Sinnstiftung und Sinneswandel in den Vorstandsetagen.

Ohne Helden läuft da nichts –

Ohne Helden läuft da nichts

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[00:00:00] Until now, the imagination has always been ahead of the technological possibilities.
[00:00:05] When Jules Verne came up I don’t know in 1865 or so but we could go to the moon again.
[00:00:11] He described it wonderfully and in 1969, with the technological level, things are technologically possible today that we can no longer imagine.
[00:00:21] How it works quantum technology bitcoin blockchain choose something and that is of course massive.
[00:00:29] In the new earth 5.0 change of perspective podcast, Karl-Heinz Land meet and Fiege regularly live with exciting people.
[00:00:37] Talking about the challenge of the future Bane and blessing of digitization, discussing the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence and data.
[00:00:47] Is digitalization ultimately the lever for more sustainability and the way to an ecologically social market economy.
[00:00:55] A critical look at the present with an optimistic view of the future.
[00:01:01] Welcome back to Erde 5.0 Change of perspective our podcast on the microphone today, as always, from the beautiful Hennef Karl-Heinz Land a wonderful morning Karl-heinz good morning Roland,
[00:01:15] and from the almost Even more beautiful city of Düsseldorf, our guest today, Frank Dopheide, good morning from beautiful Düsseldorf.
[00:01:25] Halli hello yes normal could rounds of introductions Karl-Heinz Land, of course, known from stages as an author, I’ll say a dervish on many stages investor.
[00:01:34] And a veteran in digitization.
[00:01:38] Under Karl Frank Dopheide describes himself as a creative spirit entrepreneur philanthropist I am really looking forward to the conversation today.
[00:01:48] I would like to briefly exchange a few words about our guest Frank Dopheide varma German at Gray Worldwide.
[00:01:56] Has really led the agency to new creative heights there.
[00:02:00] Then on November 20, he founded the German branding work there during that time I saw him on stage at a social media conference in Munich, after which in 2014 he became part of the Handelsblatt
[00:02: 14] Group
[00:02:15] and also spokesman for the management of the Handelsblatt Media Group so seen a lot but also done a lot since the beginning of 20 20 again entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs, namely the human unlimited under.
[00:02:30] Besides, he also does great things and writes a children’s book.
[00:02:35] He’s getting a word for it himself and obviously he’s currently working on a new book.
[00:02:42] With the working title or maybe also the final title Gott ist ein Kreativer not a controller calendar, I also had to think of you, first of
all, welcome again, Frank Dopheide, and it’s nice that you have time for me today [00:02:55] I’m happy.
[00:02:59] And with me, as always, Roland Fiege Technology and Marketing Dervish listen to me come to you too Roland,
[00:03:08] thank you thank you thank you yes we have chosen a topic today and that fits very nicely with the main theme of Human unlimited purpose so,
[00:03:19] meaning purpose and the whole thing can also be summarized under the term new work
[00:03:25] new work always comes my last years so around the corner so like people who have been working for a long time like all three old white men then actually go
looking for meaning again what is the term purpose, [00:03:38] And youwork from your perspective and wet France you start as a guest today.
[00:03:45] So you work old term social philosopher Fridtjof Bergmann real hero already shaped the 1970 and said, 
[00:03:54] the old system of capitalism Henry Ford on the Winslow Taylor assembly line with the stopwatch next to it.
[00:04:01] We take everything apart and everyone is just the little cog in the gears that I’m going to need a new kind of work, but I’ll take the human one I want to do.
[00:04:11] And and that means I have to have the opportunity to work independently, to divide up my topics, to be part of the community and.
[00:04:21] What to do.
[00:04:22] So since fifty years we’ve been trying to do it, we’ve never got it, now we notice the old system of end optimization,
[00:04:31] only led us to an inefficiency trap and now we definitely need a new idea and there comes purpose and the sense and the question of why do we even make this into play.
[00:04:43] But that means Frank at the same time. 
[00:04:46] Indirectly criticizes people like Milton Friedman Freeman who said Friedman at the time the only purpose of the company is prophet
[00:04:56] and you say very clearly that it’s never nonsense This promise was so empty ne ,
[00:05:02] but a terrible promise that made the world and people and life totally poorer and it fertilized the unscrupulousness.
[00:05:11] Suddenly, as an entrepreneur, I was no longer responsible for my employees, also for society, for the development of my region where I work, but rather the business of business is business,
[00:05: 23] and everything else move back into section 1 and we have seen what absurd excesses this has led and,
[00:05:31] it somehow resulted in a substantive teaching and a detachment of society and companies and that is really harmful.
[00:05:40] Frank’s question at this point is, of course, if we are now thinking more about purpose, meaning the economy, because that is possible, meaning for your own life, for the company
[00:05:52 ] are for society are for a city are for our country are for the globe, so to speak, when you think about it to the end
[00:06:00] then this is of course a paradigm shift in many ways because many companies are not used to that at all and now my question for you is
[00:06:09] you are a marketeer through and through so you have your whole career Roland has just written it in marketing in positioning
[00:06:17] and why you are busy you now figure yourself out as a marketing purpose.
[00:06:22] When Karl-Heinz is active, to be honest, that’s why the book is also called God is a creative, not a controller.
[00:06:29] If the future is the arithmetic artist.
[00:06:33] Leave it to be really difficult, we realize that all companies have massively gained in market value, all top managers have something wrong with a raise in salaries.
[00:06:44] What has not happened is that the world has evolved, but let’s look back because then we would be Germans and we’ll stay here in our country.
[00:06:53] The last time something of world renown was invented that was the same as the car, but it was also 120 years ago.
[00:06:59] And we already have that and if they don’t deny me at all, but now is the time when we really all have to reinvent ourselves and therefore the creative ones have to join the discussion at the conference tables Decision.
[00:07:13] And that’s why I thought now is my time and I’ll do my masterpiece here with boys.
[00:07:19] Well that sounds cool, that sounds good, so that means that is not a startup topic and as far as the C-youth are concerned, we had Dina Brandt as guests last week, which was a very interesting conversation.
[00:07:31] Between a millennial and two old ones, I know exactly where to go.
[00:07:37] And then your quasi fluctuating yes she got through okay yes now we and my parents have the whole generation of parents that we are practically representing up what are you doing it for, why the whole thing at all.
[ 00:07:49] And we also have Karl-heinz and I have been talking about Janne’s ecological and social market economy a lot over the last few weeks and we have now also talked a lot about the fact that Corona is ultimately all of you
[00:08:01] be forced to think and look for this meaning but I would like to make a short, small change of perspective the topic of new work on purpose that sounds very hippy to me that we had everything so this search for meaning when I look at Asia now It makes sense to buy as much Louis Vuitton as possible, so
basically things that we already have behind us in the broadest sense [00:08:25] the thing revolves around the globe and me
[00: 08:28] Of course, I’m totally into it if things keep spinning so fast and the globe explodes at some point, but it’s not such a luxury problem for old white men in western countries.
[00:08:38] Well, I think the search for meaning is older than the old white men that existed before us, to be honest, I’m not sure if you look at China whether they have moved in others.
[00:08:48] So where does the topic come from? It has become a bit of a marketing gag in the first place, but the word is not what is behind it.
[00:08:57] Because somehow you get out of it like that on a sales event.
[00:09:02] What we see what you just mentioned Roland Who is to us it is pretty clear what we have to do with the world so that it still has a future.
[00:09:11] Why don’t we take action that is the problem what has it somehow the implementation area the inertia of the mass,
[00:09:18] is gigantic, which is also gigantic in companies with the inertia special organization.
[00:09:24] And if you look at who is practically the inventor of the pumpkin of a scientific nature then this is a great person called Viktor Frankl.
[00:09:33] I think 1919 born in Vienna, medical psychologist, also a Jew, which led to him being put in a concentration camp by the Nazis.
[00:09:43] His pregnant wife as well as his parents as well as his siblings were all murdered he survived.
[00:09:50] And then he brought up this unimaginable force after he was released.
[00:09:55] That this time in the concentration camp should be viewed from a professional psychological point of view and the question asked why did a few survive and others not.
[00:10:05] Because it wasn’t that the young survived and the old ones died or the women and men died, but his knowledge was when you still see the meaning in life.
[00:10:17] Then you can grow beyond yourself to the extent that it is not possible as a doctor.
[00:10:24] Because everything he has learned in his medical book, when do the teeth fall out, when you don’t have vitamins, when do you catch a cold, when you have cold feet then your toe freezes,
[00:10:33] in extreme situations not true,
[00:10:36] so the human being is able to activate unimaginable inner forces if he knows what for and he could also see him sides in some moments people have what I can take it for
[00: 10:50] and then they died two days later.
[00:10:54] And in this respect, delight has replaced theory with his lust and has the finding of meaning practically as the highest level of human incarnation and development.
[00:11:07] This is how positive psychology came into being, and now you notice.
[00:11:13] We made the work meaningless because we no longer explained what for, but only provided a number.
[00:11:20] Let’s think about what happens to God and Moses when Moses comes down from Mount Sinai with ten Excel spreadsheets.
[00:11:29] Wouldn’t have worked you know because of course you need the bigger one so that you have something and in this respect the topic comes back with a big book just because there is no other way.
[00:11:43] Can it be Frank
[00:11:45] can it be so I like to look back philosophically and also look at very old economists and there were just joseph-schumpeter and he said yes, the creative destruction
[00:11:57 ] is used to avoid or correct system errors and to reorganize the economic systems.
[00:12:06] Now the first question is that we are now at this creative destruction where the
[00:12:13] so everything is collapsing at the moment only Lufthansa is collapsing the cruise industry the automotive industry
[00: 12:20] it will probably never recover the automotive industry my thesis will never be the same as before, at least not in Germany.
[00:12:27] And a lot of system errors, so to speak, see tennis are now being uncovered by the virus.
[00:12:36] Could it be that this could even serve the purpose and this finding of meaning.
[00:12:43] So rather in the second step, I think Karl-Heinz that I think the decisive point with Schumpeter is the creative.
[00:12:50] Of course you do that better if you
[00:12:53] remember the situation until you say I’m stable, I’m somehow physically and mentally in good shape at the moment everyone is struggling to survive and somehow still to take a breath to get over the wave again.
[00:13:06] Yes, there is not much with creative ne you notice all reflexes means only where had the power on those on the street.
[00:13:15] But then, when that is somewhat sorted and there are a few oranges there, surprisingly, they are sorted into the banking and financial sector.
[00:13:26] Those who have seen people for the first time are ready to believe maybe we need you after all.
[00:13:33] The last ten years Standard then rightly ignored the retail sector ne the whole health industry is clear and at the moment.
[00:13:42] Do you notice you can’t go back to the old stories and to the old business, that’s why it is totally absurd then people would not be declared crazy and instructed at that moment.
[00:13:53] I think the question arises: What are we for and what contribution are we making back on the desk in a massive way?
[00:14:04] By the way, interesting that you just mention the banks I saw in the report last week
[00:14:10] I spend the kite in banks and banks such as the GLS Bank but also the PSD completely Many
[00:14:19] above all the medium-sized of the smaller banks at once put purpose in mind and say
[00:14:27] we invest sustainably we grant our loans so that we don’t just look at the pure economic efficiency but also according to the concept of what that means for the environment, for people, for society,
[00:14:40] and I confirm that 100% and even the big funds
[00:14:44] if you look at which funds have got through this crisis the best you can see very often there are green funds that say so
[00:14:52] we invest in sustainability.
[00:14:55] During our week Buffett said he doesn’t do anything in oil, i.e. fossil fuels and no more airline shares, because he sold everything because he says it’s ultimately good for the environment.
[00:15:07] So we see that for all investors, our customer list also includes Deutsche Bank, for example that is the case.
[00:15:16] That the great fortunes in Germany, private fortunes are now inherited, will go into the next generation.
[00:15:23] Hi Matthias, I could have been blessed after you and what does the next generation do first? They take a look at the investments and tell BP are you crazy Egon Norway.
[00:15:34] And at the moment they don’t even know what to do with the money they just know how it is now, it won’t be in the future.
[00:15:42] Why is the topic suddenly getting so much power because the big investors have recognized.
[00:15:49] By the way, this is the highest risk potential for my investments, so I have a legendary bank summit meeting with Larry Fink.
[00:15:58] The CEO of Blackrock had $ 7,000 billion in management and he saw all the taxis out of fire.
[00:16:08] And talked about purpose for an hour, why he has no esoteric spark in himself, I’m not so sure either, but he recognized.
[00:16:17] Take care of the risk for my plants is not China is not digitization is not the virus to Starbucks and I gave it,
[00:16:26] when society pulls the plug and I am invested in Weyer Volkswagen Deutsche Bank Commerzbank then I can no longer manage that at all.
[00:16:35] Then within days it can only be worth half of my money.
[00:16:39] And insofar that is in the Adri Siku provision and of course there is a lot of pressure on the company leaders to move there now.
[00:16:49] So what you are just saying is very, very essential, for the first time the capital catches and we’re actually talking about the big capital you said that because that is
[00:17:02] Leg weeks Buffett and sauros exactly the same,
[00:17:06] they say we want to avoid the risk of the L of
unsustainability that’s the issue, [00:17:15] And when the capital starts,
[00:17: 18] to follow the sustainability then we will experience a trend reversal and I think that’s a super great sentence and that’s why I find this Poppes thought so good and so important but you have to openly ask now
[00:17:32] Not everyone has understood that by a long way, so there are still many companies that still work according to completely different principles, you still work,
[00:17:40] always according to Milton Friedman’s rules, I have to provoke the Prophet Yes.
[00:17:45] So look at how the current executive chairs got up there because of the end optimization machine.
[00:17:55] Walter Andy was already in the selection, we can now both define the ideal candidate.
[00:18:00] But you did a couple of your high school diplomas, you studied abroad, well you did a few internships somewhere at the end of the world, you went to the elite university, then introduce yourself to me.
[00:18:11] Yes, they are not tattooed, neither bearded nor O-ring bearers because you don’t have any Rock’n’Roll Agadir athletes.
[00:18:18] You are primarily interested in numbers and in your career for people, not so in literature, you don’t know and and now you’re about to be finished.
[00:18:28] In Germany we are, as always, the pioneers, no other nation has raised the app to the CEO position as much as we have.
[00:18:38] And of course they are socialized differently, that’s clear and the question is whether they can muster the strength
[00:18:45] turn the steering wheel definitely not allowed to tell you a little story or I want to know if this is just a saying because that has to do with the subject of von Frank,
[00:18: 59] you said something, so I looked at your website and said it to me personally,
[00:19:06] then you have 100 days and now I say frank to you so how do you want in the Daimler will
trim a Deutsche Bank, [00:19:14] in 100 days on SIM that is my question to you what are you doing what are you doing the NT.
[00:19:24] So he in 100 days dalliance we have found the meaning.
[00:19:28] But then you need at least, 1000 days is only partially implemented, but that is a different issue and the company does that itself to a large extent because we are somehow.
[00:19:39] Supervisor or motivator or correction or something like that but great approach, it will be just awesome.
[00:19:48] I also wanted to tell each of your short stories so that I said earlier that you too, we have problems with the implementation and missing some of the visionaries and I have no anecdote so last week or the week before last
[ 00:20:01] I had a public service call.
[00:20:05] Admit transmitter literwirt and it was about battery day and Tesla and Elon Musk.
[00:20:13] And then this nice list in the bow tie asked me, say this mask, he has such visions,
[00:20:20] so that’s good, so it’s more like the motto that’s somehow if you need it then it’s not just hot air and and
[00:20:27] you are just a moment so you are before someone even gives you crazy ideas he has visions who is creative because ultimately what we are can think and then we can also create,
[00:20:38] but what we can create and what lies in the future will also shape the future and we have had artificial intelligence more often in the last few weeks spoken and machines do what they can do what he can’t
[00:20:51] and I am completely with you I think our only chance is in creativity and in the creation of really new things but this,
[00:21:00] this lack of understanding that there is actually someone the one has a great vision and who currently has access to an almost infinite amount of capital is little money that
[00:21:13] is somehow not anchored in Germany and also not imaginable or conceivable how do you see it
[00:21:18] I would have two thoughts on this sorry gallery but not imagine.
[00:21:23] Once the Americans see it differently, the Americans say for us it is not decisive how great your business model thunder, how big can you dream.
[00:21:32] And at the moment there is no one who can dream bigger than Elon Musk shortly afterwards Karl-Heinz comes and that’s why I get the money.
[00:21:40] But what is the terrifying part about it Roland is up until now the imagination has always been ahead of the technological possibilities.
[00:21:50] So chill Bernhard, I don’t know 865 or something made up, but we can fly to the moon.
[00:21:57] He described it wonderfully and in 1969 with technologically, things are technologically possible today that we can no longer imagine.
[00:22:06] How does it work, quantum technology bitcoin blockchain you work something out and that is of course a massive problem Karl-heinz.
[00:22:15] Of course, I’m completely with you, too, but I want to emphasize again why we have a vision style in Germany,
[00:22:25] and that’s a little bit too much Mr. whom I appreciate very much Helmut Schmidt who Helmut Schmidt said earlier.
[00:22:33] 30 years ago I said whoever has a vision should go to the doctor and the thing is deeply rooted in our society and I always say
[00:22:43] who has no vision, so in companies that have no vision It’s like going in a boat without a compass needle because you don’t know me.
[00:22:53] Because even in rough seas and poor visibility everyone can look at the compass because you at least know where the coarse reefs are and in which coarse kiss you have to hold
[00:23:02] so that you can not because of running and that’s exactly what many companies lack and I believe that
[00:23:09] Frank with 100 days of purpose to you actually
[00:23:14] gives the company a target image a vision with it know where we can look at the compass needle is that really Frank or will say that is more like I think inner compass is a nice picture
[00:23:28] because why do studies show the purpose increases the performance so the bosses know everything and everything better anyway.
[00:23:37] The people at the front are not interested, but the big middle section.
[00:23:42] At the moment when the inner compass has for all the thousands of decisions that are made, if they are all a little more correct.
[00:23:50] Going a bit more in the same direction then you will get a lot of power on the road and that’s why it works the way you wrote.
[00:23:59] Perhaps I just want to tell a nice story about it. I have been
[00:24:04] directly and indirectly looking after the company DM a little bit to Götz Werner and then Erich harsh as CEO and we have a lot made together and in trade we know trade is relative,
[00:24:18] I wait because it’s about prices and we had the best price. Götz Werner then had the idea here I am, here I am allowed to buy one, so a promise to the customer and
[00:24:33 ] this company DM, which at the time believed they were 150 branches, now there are over 3000 in Germany,
[00:24:41] fact is he said,
[00:24:44] I want my employees to be empowered in and out of the
drove his company about a vision, [00:24:52] this company never had an employee
handbook , [00:24:56] Dean had travel expense guidelines why because they didn’t need it because every employee has the inner compass,
[00:25:03] and is really fully involved in everything that happens and that actually only confirms if you have the inner compass.
[00:25:12] Then you don’t need these micromanagement instructions to be fully confirmed.
[00:25:20] Okay, now I have another question, what do we do with the staff
[00:25:25] so now I’ll come back to it last week we had a relatively young guest here, I think We all have already had employee responsibility,
[00:25:34] And if we now say well, here is the vision, here is the big goal Dear employee was working and we are all rowing in this direction now, I am the helmsman, I row the strongest
[00:25:45] there are definitely employees who need very clear instructions there is something you just have separate and manual yes or no travel expense accounting guideline so I know a lot of situations where when an employee explains to you.
[00:26:01] Adult Central European juice here is the direction run, then he is completely helpless.
[00:26:07] But you have other people who can think a bit entrepreneurially themselves and then you have younger ones who are totally insecure, how do you get it,
[00:26:16] this is another direction when Now with the executives the vision and the purpose has been worked out how can this best be taught to the employees.
[00:26:26] So that is clearly gone, which might be interesting to
pick up the ball. Roland is [00:26:33] how is that related purpose vision mission strategy travel expense accounting Hamburg and so on.
[00:26:42] Well, because it goes all over the place in the head, so the purpose is the inner drive.
[00:26:50] What am I doing it for? It’s a bit diffuse, it lasts for a long time, it doesn’t change every year and it’s like a kind of perpetual motion machine.
[00:27:00] Sir Edmund Hillary’s light ball game.
[00:27:03] New Zealander wanted to prove to the world a normal New Zealand blok said he can do anything if he just wants to.
[00:27:13] That was his drive. Typ is division was the time because one here is the highest mountain in the world there has never been one on it.
[00:27:22] That lasts quite a long time because you have to jostle yourself pretty pissed off so that you can fulfill this version, but that could work.
[00:27:30] On the way to the vision you of course have a whole series of missions, first have to learn mountaineering, first have to go to the base camp and so on.
[00:27:38] And then, of course, underneath there is a lot of strategic derivation of rules, behavior on the mountain and so on and so on.
[00:27:46] But the moment that is practically connected in series like a book like that, you know that there is the big story and then there is chapter chapter and that’s your role here in this, by the way
[00:27:56] in this story,
[00:27:58] well then it becomes much more tangible and tangible and remains an esoteric thought or a poster in the canteen which then has no natural effect,
[00:28: 09] more yes yes yes yes yes I am completely with you that the question is of course.
[00:28:16] What do we have to do, then, we’re chatting so funny with each other here, what do we have to do so that more people understand more companies and entrepreneurs
[00:28:28] ultimately,
[00:28:29 ] matt Freeman has in his book his new book the power of and also who says it is not either or it is not profit or sustainability but he says it is,
[00:28:41] Sustainability and profit or even just the sustainable ones will also be the winners afterwards, so full confirmation.
[00:28:48] But how can we do that so that more people understand that and also get on the road.
[00:28:54] Well, I think we need successful cases at all where you can really tell. I think we need
[00:29:02] a heroic figure of identification that you can hold on to I think we need a lot more communication and maybe another form of communication
[00:29:14] so we did a big study with Kienbaum on the purpose that will be released at the end of the week because you can see the topic is very important 50% of all companies have dealt with the topic .
[00:29:28] But 68% of the employees don’t even know there was an introductory event for it, can’t remember there are so many holes in the area,
[00:29:38] information in the area of ceo communication that doesn’t makes his topic,
[00:29:44] that is no echo finds overall in the connecting rod a development topic that it is not pursued at all for years, the Capri ice cream not too.
[00:29:55] The Papes indicators will not only measure the covid since then, but also from me.
[00:30:01] Sustainability or creation of jobs or CO2 savings, whatever your direction in which you are moving.
[00:30:09] But I think the exemplary and the documentation of development and success is of course one of the core drivers for this.
[00:30:20] Can I only confirm from my point of view without role models and without heroes you say that quite nicely without a hero run because nothing insofar as wedidi
[00:30:30] the role is this corona and aura of all musk explainable I’m far from everything he does I don’t even really believe in electromobility
[00:30:40] he still couldn’t convince me but
[00:30:43] the way he did it how he sorts companies with his visions and gets them over and done with the fact that nobody does anything else,
[00:30:52] that is more than impressed.
[00:30:55] I would like to briefly bring in a change of perspective for me it’s a bit too esoteric, quite honestly, so last week there was also a nice documentary about digital nomads I think on ZDF it was
[00:31: 07] so according to the motto travel around the world works digital gig-economy so the people look for the meaning
[00:31:14] even too Wismar these people who have the courage to drive this lifestyle when I think about it
[00:31:22] if we are now entrepreneurs and companies ultimately with that kind of
[00:31:29] Adding religious value to a meaningfulness is not only for the existence of the company and why we are there now and make profit and for what, but that the people who work there should also survive
[00:31:47] then it goes in the direction we know from Apple, from Google or from Facebook, they really know.
[00:31:52] Suddenly people are looking for employees. People are looking for real religions, yes.
[00:31:59] Isn’t that asking a little bit much from the German industrial company or maybe from that of the startup that suddenly deprives service providers of giving their employees the meaningfulness for their entire life.
[00:32:12] Yes, that’s a bit much to ask, but to include the main idea where he says I think it’s good and I would join or as well as my football club or my skat club or core or choose something.
[00:32:26] Of course it works and it works even more because the usual ones.
[00:32:32] What is that institution this time before it was politics.
[00:32:37] Religion what is the music today you have 10 styles of music that you like or what.
[00:32:45] Leave it and the person naturally needs to be anchored in the community and there is nothing wrong with Roland if you have three different communities.
[00:32:55] So today then Karl-heinz is an entrepreneur then he is also from Cologne for whatever reason and then maybe he is somehow still a musician is looking for something that is a bit different but anyway
[00:33:06 ] each has a meaning to you in his or her life and that is more than making money making noise and spending money in the city I live in.
[00:33:16] And you have to and maybe we’ll get to the current
topics of the day again [00:33:22] you have to see that embedded in society, so we had them here in North Rhine-Westphalia runoff elections at the weekend so everywhere where people
[00:33:32] not immediately clarified who the mayor were the city councilors who live in the
runoff election will be counted and what we found [00:33:41] in North Rhine-Westphalia alone are in three or four large cities Aachen Bonn
[ 00:33:48] Cologne people came to the government or were re-elected those supported by green and and and
[00:33:57] this green that the cities suddenly look so strongly at the green that they have to say our cities greener we will feel this climate change wants to feel that it has.
[00:34:09] Species extinction so it has something to do with purpose, namely
to be able to survive at all [00:34:14] or to leave a society without an environment for the children for the grandchildren.
[00:34:21] In which one can still live and not how then,
[00:34:25] Intel many think that Stephen Hawking said shortly before his death in 100 years we humans will have to have left this planet because the climate is completely in the can
[00:34:39] and all resources are consumption.
[00:34:42] And I think that people are beginning to understand that you can’t eat money and that was going to be much more careful with our environment in the future and that’s why these election results are showing so much at the moment.
[00:34:56] Yes of course the ability to survive or, of course, the preservation of the earth’s habitat is of course the ultimate purpose under that I think everything can be so I think everyone will definitely agree on it.
[00:35:08] Yes, but not all, so Hertrampf, he somehow sees it a little differently, but I think if you don’t really know the current news, you’ve seen all of them, and now you’ve published his tax documents in New York Times.
[00:35:22] And somehow he hasn’t paid taxes for 15 years or I think $ 750 one day,
[00:35:28] inadvertently probable and round and has hundreds of millions of debts.
[00:35:34] My thesis is that or I would like to hear from you as the old media wall Frank what you have to say about it, I tell the man
[00:35:42] he will not give up the government because he is actually fighting for survival Imagine whose purpose it would be if I went out here as non-President
[00:35:53] then I’m broke because that could also be a strong motive for him to hold
onto by all means and also a choice [00:36:02] that he says now may not be recognized because if he loses then he’s fucked so to speak.
[00:36:09] So what is psychologically somehow interesting Investigation makes scientific is that there is a great deal of closeness between top managers and psychopaths.
[00:36:21] Have you probably already heard the necessary normal distribution in society is one percent in top management 6%,
[00:36:30] the good news is 94% but not the higher you are on such a ladder the more you climb, the more psychopathic you become.
[00:36:40] Yes, of course they are totally selfish and use everything for their own benefit.
[00:36:45] And after me the deluge regardless of losses Zoe is probably the world leader in the psychopathic expression.
[00:36:53] Yes if it is voted out and YouGov analysis suggests it.
[00:36:59] Then I think he’ll be in jail at some point because then half of American society, including the courts, won’t lay back, I think
[00:37:10] yes and then it will have a sad end and probably just also an aggressive ending because now, of course, an
extremely divided society [00:37:17] won in a relatively short time.
[00:37:22] And what you see and maybe we’ll be back to our topic why was America as big as hat and the American Dream.
[00:37:31] God’s own country nothing more of superior to this permeability ne.
[00:37:39] So that’s this story from rags-to-riches to millionaire everyone was the blacksmith of his luck who almost always had his general staff in his backpack, as Napoleon would have once said and,
[00:37:52] this permeability in society vom
[00:37:55] really from the bottom to the top that has carried this country and suddenly one has the impression that an elite is preventing this patency,
[00:38:06] and Trump actually started something for to do the little man
[00:38:11] Water is totally perverse because if you look at what he’s done, it actually only helped the big corporations and the little man is more likely to say
[00:38:21] once in the last 5 6 years.
[00:38:25] All in all, Trump doesn’t know a little man at all or they will never see one in his life somehow. The analyzes at that time said yes, they were both distracted by desperation,
[00:38:38] with him Thoughts know Julia’s first. We have tried so often in a good way and maybe Barack Obama was the last attempt to try something good.
[00:38:47] And if we are doing badly, then you too, then at least shared suffering is better.
[00:38:53] According to the motto with yours we sink the ship in which we all have less to lose than you.
[00:39:01] And that’s dramatic, of course, but with us it’s not that aggressive.
[00:39:07] But of course a new story would give us a new narrative about Germany and where do we want to go.
[00:39:16] Because we have one about I think that’s a nice sentence who shouldn’t have visions to the doctor but he shouldn’t go to the train either, you know because there is somehow for discussion if you say you don’t draw a picture can.
[00:39:30] We don’t follow you either.
[00:39:32] So that’s a very important one. I have the very strong one now. I have supported Ms. Reka because I just believe that she has a very good vision for the city.
[00:39:43] Has developed and I say every city every country every company
[00:39:50] needs a vision narrative for itself only then can you get the people behind you if we look at Europe there have been great times Politicians of the gardes da
[00:40:01] including Helmut Kohl who worked on this vision for Europe.
[00:40:06] An outer border inside all free movement of goods free movement of people free movement of work so to speak and after we have achieved this vision.
[00:40:18] Nothing more came and then it starts with brexit ne. Today we are in this bad negotiation, why none of the politicians has followed up,
[00:40:30] and developed a vision for this Europe has and I wonder why not actually.
[00:40:39] Yes, that this is a very good question, also very, very unfortunate, so really very, very unfortunate so Europe was yes
[00:40:45] bring me to my perception or how I got to know history at first you tried not to fight each other and to kill yourself by starting to act and
[00:40:57] a European economic union in the end the weather will also work very well you have to say and have what I have been through centuries of wars and threads and what was there.
[00:41:06] Left behind us and that was actually the greatest
[00:41:09] the greatest peacekeeping campaign of all time is a huge success story and that all of these things are now suddenly negative and should be bad that that sets myself a bit too personally.
[00:41:23] Yes, what can we say to the youth, how can we make Europe a little stronger again? You have an idea.
[00:41:32] Well, I would have a thought, Roland, that the youth have to speak to them first.
[00:41:38] You know the most frightening thing does not matter if we economic policy is looking for something as soon as you walk down from the sports field music industry dress too.
[00:41:48] Doesn’t youth take place at all.
[00:41:51] Everything we decide and sign and write down now is done by people who are even older than Karl-Heinz and.
[00:41:59] The absurd is white and so I think the first task clears the place 1, which must be at the table for in the end the highways.
[00:42:09] We want them to be heard, we want them to help decide, maybe even get them.
[00:42:14] More decision weight your vote counts one and a half times or whatever because it no longer affects you.
[00:42:20] But there was a problem Frank, we see that right now in brexit too, the brexit was also decided
[00:42:26] because many young people in England did not vote when it was about it went to cast their vote and then the excuse old sacks have decided for you by a narrow majority but at least
[00:42:41] and that has brought us to yours and the question is how can we mobilize the young people to get involved and,
[00:42:50] that they really do something because democracy is a gift, but it also has to be fulfilled and perceived.
[00:42:57] Yes, but then I would say Karl-Heinz R Friday for future there were relatively many young people.
[00:43:02] Street and maybe we have to break free of saying that politics can only take place in parties.
[00:43:10] So it’s certainly not nice that you don’t have a party or that Trump belongs to the Republicans.
[00:43:15] Are you not then maybe there are other new technologically supported democratic processes.
[00:43:22] To say you take place you can abbey part of the decision you can articulate with.
[00:43:29] And then you find new systems, I think for things that are important to them, they are already moving.
[00:43:35] But not maybe in established encrusted structures where people are talking in such a way that neither Beardie understands nor anyone else out there.
[00:43:48] So who is out of the question because I am completely with you we have to rethink society between ourselves, democracy,
[00:43:56] so I am someone the best example for me was the failure of the last Coalition negotiations after the federal elections,
[00:44:05] when Christian Lindner then quasi threw the gun in the grain and said it won’t work, I won’t do it.
[00:44:13] Better not to govern at all than bad my opinion was he had misunderstood his mandate, he shouldn’t enforce the yellow positions but the mandate of the citizens was a black, yellow, green,
[00:44:27] policy to make in which everything has its claim and every idea that is good is carried through and the ideas that are bad are just below,
[00:44:38] But it was not about enforcing any yellow positions neoliberal position against green or against black and,
[00:44:47] I think we have to learn that earlier in the Romans because there was a plebiscite it was the senators and the senators who weren’t in the party
[00:44:56] they had a good idea and then a bad idea and then they became Christians who got the voice of the people or they didn’t get us yes and I think they have to we go back more and the party doctrines also the dependencies
[00:45:10] of the individual politicians on the parties up to the fact that you have to vote that we are forced to vote is just perverted from me.
[00:45:21] Yes and the word compromise knows it has suddenly become a very negative word where you actually think why,
[00:45:28] it is absurd when people want to assert themselves 100% always goes as Losers off the pitch and there is always bad blood and that always takes revenge Amen.
[00:45:38] But now I have this discussion, too.
[00:45:42] Such our old finance minister Schäuble is called son
[00:45:49] Citizens’ Council and I have a totally bad feeling because I say we are a parliamentary democracy
[00:45:58] and I am always in favor of citizens’ participation and polls on my own initiative when it comes to the fact that citizens can really make an active contribution
[00:46:10] The fact is when he doesn’t know, so when it
[00:46:15] Event when you ask Burger where should the windmill be placed then he always says windmills are good, but not in my garden, yes So you would actually have to ask the citizens
[00:46:26] where the wind turbine is 200 km away whether that should happen there,
[00:46:30] but then the others would feel oppressed again as if their name was ours need to develop this
understanding of democracy more strongly, [00:46:39] where people actually
learn [00:46:41] from me at school in kindergarten how compromises such as democracy come about, only that is what happens in school today
[00:46:50] Today, in a relatively autocratic system, the teacher says what everyone sits down, then rest until the break and so on and I believe that our school system from kindergarten on
[00:47:02] has completely screwed up is to give the citizens a better understanding of democracy and how important these compromises are for society.
[00:47:12] Well then I would like to break a lance again and again for the Montessori schools of this country that you do me exactly that, everyone on your side,
[00:47:19] so what what what is also difficult Karl- heinz is.
[00:47:25] Yes, of course, here in Europe and Germany we have the individual’s greatest good.
[00:47:32] So what the individual and the interests of the individual are at the top and therefore the individual can somehow complain for years against the deepening of the Elbe, which would help the whole city.
[00:47:45] Since it is different in Asian countries, the common good goes for individual Bohol.
[00:47:51] And is unthinkable and probably also ineffable, but still interesting to say.
[00:47:58] When does the meant interest for individual interest actually start and you don’t have to be able to address that at least once.
[00:48:06] You may not be allowed to ne soon, but of course a lot fails.
[00:48:10] Absolutely and I am completely with you I recently had an article on this very topic because I say we are
[00:48:17] so individualized and we should get that from childhood when I look at how children are brought up today, also what values are conveyed,
[00:48:29] the individual is pretty much there well away and the common good is often
[00:48:35] a bit behind and above all if you then also have a lot of
only children , then too likely over- acidic [00:48:41] but that teaches us now especially the current time that we really take it and that the common good is above the individual well
[00:48:50] that is what you all currently practice painful if painful but very active and we notice doesn’t help either.
[00:49:00] But there is still Roland,
[00:49:03] Party until the doctor comes, yes, the number of corona deaths has risen to over 1,000,000 worldwide, by the way, my assistant’s grandpa has also died and the grandma is now on intensive care in Chile,
[00:49:18] this morning the madness of the AFD they are still arguing.
[00:49:23] The masks protect distance from what they say we don’t need all of that nonsense, although every scientist says.
[00:49:33] But it helps the lawyer 99.9% of the scientific community say that the AFD simply has a different opinion and so places what happened in Bielefeld where over 1500 people are now in quarantine,
[00: 49:46] ten schools are closed and there I saw people because the individual goes before this one party was a birthday party a private one,
[00:49:55] where a lot of guests seem to have come and gone, the wellbeing of the people stands for this one evening because the
[00:50:04] thousands of students who now no longer go to school, the shops that are closed Curfews the imposed there must be that is sick.
[00:50:14] That’s a flop of the week, so to speak, or when it’s then we can do that until the doctor comes within the week and what else do you have.
[00:50:25] So I still have and whether the week yesterday on Penny Friday was slaughtered in the series in the Cologne Express we need a new start-up period.
[00:50:36] And there we want to introduce startups from the region and nationwide in the next few weeks to simply crank how medium-
sized companies can work with startups, [00:50:50] and each other at the same time accelerate in many ways around with this,
[00:50:57] but in dramatic changes happening in the moment and better lying ahead of us immediately.
[00:51:03] Well and Frank you also have in the top or in under a flop of the week that has here is Roland, I once grew up right next to Gelsenkirchen
[00:51:12] that is, for 57 years you Schalke fan what a hard form of pain therapy is somehow,
[00:51:19] and that is somehow again the dose has been increased in the last few weeks so realized that is somehow difficult.
[00:51:26] Karl-heinz mentioned the stop of the week today. Donald Trump pays taxes differently than we thought, although he only paid $ 750 but always back reports something.
[00:51:41] Hermann Joe Biden now says I pay more taxes than when the multibillionaire Trump paid taxes than Donald Trump or probably somehow the woman at Starbucks.
[00:51:54] But maybe this is also the coffin nail that we needed, I’m just not sure,
[00:52:01] because the journalists tell the US that I am Trump’s voters,
[00:52:07] don’t be deterred by lying on the contrary, they even turn it into the opposite so it’s partly perverse yes.
[00:52:17] Well my top of the week is there I read today in the message on zeit.de
[00:52:23] Romy the Ifo Institute announces the number of short-time workers is falling
[00:52:27] in September around 1,000,000 employees return to their full working hours Attention restriction, this does not apply to industry.
[00:52:36] There are still 21% on short-time work I think it will stay that way for a while, but it smells a bit like a light spring in the slight recovery in autumn but of course the flop of the week too is again the threat of new lockdowns or new restrictions that we probably don’t
[00:52:54] but it will be a hot autumn and a hot winter.
[00:53:02] Yes, and in Düsseldorf today the Rheinbahn is on strike for the first time in ages. Traffic jams haven’t been in a long time.
[00:53:10] I think the Rheinbahn is wrong because you notice it’s going off or Rhineland-Palatinate Park Rating Opticians learned more because I hope that doesn’t work.
[00:53:20] The dust that used to be the traffic jam reports were actually always an indicator of how big the gross national product will be in the current year that is new, the new situation is currently well then how much Cologne and Düsseldorf will come.
[00:53:35] Very well then.
[00:53:39] I would like to thank you both, especially Frank Dopheide, that you were our guest today, many thanks for the great words and the great insight into the topic of purpose.
[00:53:49] And thank you too, Karl-heinz.
[00:53:52] Thanks Frank and Roland good rest of the week and hope is always there bye bye bye see you soon ciao ciao.
[00:54:01] Music.

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