Author of “Social Media Balanced Scorecard.   Published in Summer 2012 by Springer trade media GmbH Wiesbaden and provide a practical guide to businesses trying to evaluate their social media presence.

Book articles:

Fiege, Roland; Toma, Boris (2012): The Social Media Balanced Scorecard as an Instrument for Measuring the Success of Corporate Social Media Activities , in: Hans H. Bauer, Jürgen Rösger, Boris Toma (Eds.): Social Media and Brand Community Marketing – Basics , Strategies, and Success concepts from practice, pp. 359-383, Munich: Verlag Franz Vahlen

Fiege, Roland; Redenz, Sebastian (2014): Basics of Integrated Social Media Initiatives in the Travel Industry, in: Holland, Heinrich (Ed.): Digitales Dialogmarketing – Basics, Strategies, Instruments , pp. 705-719, Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler

White Paper:

 Allfacebook:   Controlling the Balanced Scorecard for Facebook – 10,000+ downloads